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Service Details

Pool Maintenance

Pools require regular attention, even in winter when not in use. Call us on +92-56.5614490 to set up your regular pool maintenance or get a free quote.

  • Pool Scoop or Vacuum, Brush steps and Water Line.
  • Water Test and Professional Chemical Balance.
  • Empty Baskets.
  • Filter Service – Cartridge or Sand Filter.
  • Check Pump, Chlorinator, and all equipment for correct operation.
  • Inspect automated pool cleaner (if fitted).
  • Water Test and Professional Chemical Balance – INCLUDING CHEMICALS.
  • for 12 months continued serving

Complete Service Offer Details:

Professional pool care can save you money by reducing breakdowns and anticipating equipment failure. Regular pool maintenance will reduce pump and filter wear, premature equipment failure, pool shell deterioration and keep your pool healthy and ready for swimming at any time.